Black Greasy Monkey Boot

Solovair Classic Collection
  • Leather Upper
  • Leather & Synthetic Lining
  • Goodyear Welted
  • Last: 493

To maintain Greasy leather we recommend using Dubbin Wax

  • £141.67

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

These boots are top quality. Well constructed, surprisingly supple leather and very comfortable. They’re not very heavy and can be worn for long periods without fatigue. I followed the fit guide exactly and that resulted in a perfect fit. No break-in period needed.
Customer service responds to emails promptly and delivery only took two days door to door to Asia.
Faultless product and service. I will definitely buy more boots here.

Lovely boots, but...

I spent a long time deciding on which boots to buy. I eventually settled on the Black Greasy Monkey Boot and waited for them to be back in stock. Once they arrived, I absolutely loved them; however, I have two issues which I didn't foresee: Firstly, the fact that the wear in for me has been/is very long. I've currently worn them heavily for over a week and they're still rubbing on the spots where my blisters formed last week (around my metatarsals). Secondly, the first time I put in the laces, one of them caught on an eyelet and quite badly frayed the lace. I managed to push down the part of the eyelet that caused the damage but I'm a little annoyed that the fray on the lace is now very noticeable despite barely wearing the shoes.
That said, I'm sure the boots will last me a very long time, I love the look of them and the quality of the boot overall is excellent so very happy.

Great boots

Love them, was fortunate enough to be able to try a variant on at the London store - didn’t have the exact ones I wanted so ordered them online. Can’t say enough about how how helpful the gent at the shop was or how easy the online order process was. The sizing is generous so do pay attention to the measuring guides! Very happy.

Wonderful monkey boots!

I'd like to record that I am really happy with my purchase of the black greasy monkey boots! Initially I was a little apprehensive that the UK size 10 that I normally find fit my feet in all (lesser) makes -- was going to be too big for me in the Solovair world! This is fixed however by a pair of thin leather insoles. Size 9 would have been just too small! I have a pair of boots that for fit, style, comfort, quality of materials and construction just could not be surpassed. Thank you Solovair and I will certainly be coming back for more in the future.

Great Boots!

So glad I ordered the black greasy monkey boot from Solovair! They didn’t have the black derby boot in stock, so I got the monkeys instead and I think they’re great! Cool style, something I don’t see a lot these days. They are very comfortable, with a short break-in time, thick, quality leather, and you can tell they’re handmade. Couldn’t be happier. They go well with a suit, or something more casual, all the way to jeans and a t shirt. I will definitely be purchasing a derby boot when I can afford them as well! These boots are worth the price!