• Oxblood Hi-Shine 11 Eye Astronaut Boot
  • Oxblood Hi-Shine 11 Eye Astronaut Boot
  • Oxblood Hi-Shine 11 Eye Astronaut Boot

Oxblood Hi-Shine 11 Eye Astronaut Boot

Solovair Classic Collection
  • Leather Upper
  • Leather & Synthetic Lining
  • Goodyear Welted
  • Last: 493
  • £150.00

Customer Reviews

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Great fit, great color, already very comfortable without any major breaking in.

Fantastic boots

Good boots with very good quality and very comfortable. Excellent treatment of NPS-Solovair, I recommend authentic quality. I hope they continue to produce such good shoes for many years. Thanks NPS-Solovair.


Oxblood Hi-Shine 11 Eye Astronaut Boot

Great Comfort, Craftsmanship

I've only been wearing them for about a week now, but without any need for extensive oiling or other tricks to ease break-in, these boots started molding to the shape of my feet and calves on the second day. No issues with laces tearing from cheap, rough-edged eyelets under the stress of straight lacing either. The leather is supple, the color is a deep rich red, the insole is unbelievably comfortable, and I only wish I'd known about solovair sooner. The level of quality seems to justify the cost and, if the leather uppers hold up for the next 5 to 10 years, I know what I'll readily buy again.

Replacement for a well-loved pair

I had to do what I was confident not having to do for the next 20 years - replace a pair of Solovairs. But my orthopeadist told me different by ordering insoles which made my old boots a size too small. Pity, but Solovair were able to help by selling me these ones instead.
As was to be expected, the quality and finish are outstanding, you just have to look and feel them, both in your hands when unpacking and then on your feet to see they were made by people who know and love their business. Attention to detail can be seen everywhere.
The oxblood is a nice dark red shade that just looks fantastic with jeans. The last shape makes them something different and looks definitely elegant. A boot that can be worn with clothes more formal than jeans, too.
The fit of a pair of 11-eyelets is better for me as I have skinny ankles. So 8-eyelets just don't sit snugly enough. Breaking in is a bit of a thing with boots of that type, but not so here, the leather is nice, thick and soft and will shape to your feet soon enough. Wear them normally till your feet get tired, then take them off and continue the next day, stretching the time of wearing a tad longer every time and hey presto you are done. Of course, that's just my experience. If you are in trouble, the usual tricks like good leather dubbing will help quite a bit.
So if you are looking for quality boots that will last you very long indeed, look no further.