• Oxblood Hi-Shine 11 Eye Derby Boot
  • Oxblood Hi-Shine 11 Eye Derby Boot
  • Oxblood Hi-Shine 11 Eye Derby Boot

Oxblood Hi-Shine 11 Eye Derby Boot

Solovair Classic Collection
  • Leather Upper
  • Leather & Synthetic Lining
  • Goodyear Welted
  • Last: 409
  • £150.00

Customer Reviews

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comfort,quality and style

i've buying these boots, because i was attracted by the history of this brand. The quality of leather is at the top and they are very light and comfortable. The oxblood colour is stunning. Thank you. Regards from Italy.

WOW!!! Just WOW!!!

Came from a competitor for a try. No competion at all!

2 hours, broken in. 1 week, as comfortable as …

Now placing next order.

Thank you

Boot Rejuvenation

Turning fifty is something that needs careful preparation. Getting a new girlfriend. Learning to drive a motorcycle. Buying new clothes. Like 11 eye Derby Boots. Oxblood, of course. So there I go, parading my midlife crisis around the office. "Hey, are those the new boots you talked about?" a much younger colleague asks. Probably young enough to be my daughter. "Ehrm yes. Yes they are." She looks up at me. Bright blue eyes framed by auburn hair. "They really look cool," she smiles. I have to agree with her. They really look cool. Even on an old sod like me. "You make it hard for me not buy them too," she continues. "But I would pick black ones." I show her the Solovair website. My enthusiasm grows. And then I blurb out: "We can be boot buddies." She looks at me funnily. Say something nondescript. Mumbles she has to continue working. Man, I can't wait to turn fifty. I'm told I will then no longer say stupid things. Fingers crossed.

Love my Red Boots

My boots are the ones I wore in the eighties. They kick ass unlike a competitor made in England today. They are more comfortable and the leather is of better quality. I can feel and smell it. Purchase SoloVair all day everyday. You won’t be disappointed. I swear.

Great product

It is looking even better than on the pictures and according to my son comfortable from the beginning!