We proudly come together with YMC (You Must Create) to fuse their contemporary design with traditional British shoe manufacturing methods in our factory in Wollaston, NPS Shoes Ltd.

Each pair was hand made with in our factory in Northamptonshire, passing through more than 200 processes before being boxed and ready to sell. What appealed to YMC is how our factory is organised. Rather than have a continuous production line, which we believe offers the operative no time to notice and correct any errors, Solovair (NPS Shoes) is organised in areas according to distinct stages of production. Each pair is only passed from one area to another when the respective operative is satisfied they are ready.

In this respect, there is a far slimmer chance that an unsatisfactory shoe or boot will result at the end of the production process. In effect it is a continuous quality control process not employed by many other factories.