NPS X YMC 2016

In 1995, Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins borrowed industrial designer Raymond Loewy’s slogan, ‘You must create’, in order to name their nascent clothing company.  YMC, as the company swiftly came to be known, took initial inspiration from work wear, the football terraces of the early 80s, the and American and British military wear. From the uniforms and sportswear they borrowed precision and crisp functionality and from punk they took a dark humour and well aimed iconoclasm.

YMC are not led or influenced by seasonal trends but try to provide the solution for intelligent clothing that is both wearable and distinctive. They are now among the prime exponents of a highly British form of modernism in clothes design which maintain longevity. Where others are increasingly concerned with the fleeting, the transient and the contingent, YMC follow the Modernist’s credo that form follows function. The results, free from fads and fripperies, are as close to timeless as clothing gets.

NPS Shoes Ltd. manufactured all footwear seen in YMC’s A/W16 collection at LCM, January 2016. Follow this link for the images from their runway.